Since 1956, the Mena High School 40 Year Club has grown in numbers and interest. Our members enjoy returning to their high school roots every two years to see old friends, former classmates, and family.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are here for our members' enjoyment and all work and efforts are done on a volunteer basis.

MHS 40 Year Club News
  • The 2013 Reunion is History - I hope that everyone had a great time.  All our comments have been positive.  Thanks to Rich Mountain Community College and Mena High School for all of their help and use of their facilities.  A big thanks to the 40 Year Club Planning Committee for their hard work and dedication to making the reunion a success.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact someone on the 40 Year Club Planning Committee.

    Comments we have received:

    A quote from John Philpot's Newsletter to MHS Class of 1953

    "Like every other event we anticipate with great expectation, the 2013 Mena High School 40 Year Club Reunion is now history.  I add my evaluation to dozens of other who told me they thought it was a wonderful and highly successful affair.  To those who could not make it this time, we missed you terribly."

    Tammy L. Young, Director of Development & Community Relations wrote:

    "WOW, what a great weekend!  you really outdid yourselves with this weekend's festivities to honor the Mena High School alumni!  Because of your extensive planning, attention to detail, and exceptional leadership, the turnout was outstanding!  Thank you again for partnering with the RMCC Foundation on this memorable weekend and events.  We are so appreciative of your invitation to be a partner in the celebration and recognition of the Alumni.  If you have suggestions for how the RMCC Foundation can improve on the events and activities that we help host for 2015, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you again for your support of the RMCC Foundation.  You truly make a difference in the lives of students we serve."
  • Yearbooks Needed! - The Mena High School Librarian is requesting yearbooks from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and 1960's to complete their collection.  If you have any to donate, please contact Judy Kropp, LMS at 479-394-1144.

Mena has been blessed with folks who enjoy coming home to see old friends and relatives. The MHS 40 Year Club offers an opportunity to former graduates to come together every two years.  Many of our members wish to give something to the future graduates that will always be remembered.  Think about the past; was there funding when you wanted to go to college? If you can help today, there are certainly students worthy of your consideration who will someday be MHS 40 Year Club members.
MHS 40 Year Club Scholarships

Mena High School 40 Year Club ScholarshipFor those new members of the MHS 40 Year Club and also for those members who have always wondered just how our scholarship committee functions, where the monies come from, and where and how the funds are awarded, now is your time of learning:

Scholarship History

When the MHS 40 Year Club was started in 1956, the purpose was to have a time and place for those graduates (40 years or more since graduating) to get together every two years.  As time passed it was determined that there was an additional need to help deserving new MHS graduates  who wished to go on to a college of their choice.  Several 40 Year Club members wished to give or leave money for this purpose.

In 1982, the Scholarship Committee was first formed with Elita Flick, Pauline Morrow, Dick Barham, Dick Carver and Lee McMillan as founding members.  Louise Waters and Omar Washburn soon became very active with the Scholarship Committee, and Louise soon became chairperson and continued with that responsibility until recently when she thought it time to turn over those duties.  We are grateful for the commitment Louise made to the MHS Scholarship Fund.  Louise has agreed to remain on the board.
The MHS 40 Year Club Scholarship Committee has received many wonderful contributions over the years.  The very first came from Billie Reed Stayer, who contributed $1000.00 in memory of her parents, William P. and Margaret Reed; Morris Griffith left a substantial contribution in his will.

As of February 2013, the Mena High School 40 Year Club Endowment Scholarship Fund established through the Rich Mountain Community College Foundation has a balance of $77,823. This provides for funding for three scholarship awards at $500 each per  semester / $1,000 each per annual award based on the $25,000 per endowment  level.

Should you wish to discuss making a contribution to our scholarship fund, Judge Gayle Ford would enjoy visiting with you.  Every time our endowed funds increase, the amount of scholarship monies available for awards also increases.


If you haven't visited te RMCC facility lately, you will want to do that and you will certainly be pleased with the impressive campus buildings and grounds. The college has a top-notch faculty and staff who are truly dedicated to the education needs of our community.


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